Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bibles reaching 20 widows in Northern Manitoba.

A man called us to ask if we could provide 20 outreach Bibles to be placed in 20 food hampers that were being donated to 20 widows in a first nations community up north. The next day we dropped off the Bibles for them...They could not have been more thankful.  Turns out it's Max and Patricia Thunder, first nations evangelists. They invited me into their home for lunch and shared stories of how they are using God's Word to reach people for Christ all over the place. He had a vision and a dream to see a Bible put in every home in Canada and was SO happy to be partnering with Give the Word.
Max shared a very touching story with me...He said God's Word is just as alive in a trash can as it is in someones hands. He said during his travels in Canada, A man he knows who was not a christian at all saw that there was a Bible that was thrown in the trash. He picked it up and brought it home because even though he didn't believe in Jesus, he thought that a Bible don'ts belong in a trash bin. He started to read it when he got home and two weeks later came to the realization that Christ was real and gave his life to Jesus.
Max gave me enough encouragement to last a long time. He made it very clear that Give the Word is needed, VERY needed right here at home.
We will continue to keep supplying Max, his wife Patricia and his family with Bibles so that they can do their part in fulfilling the great commission!!
Thank you Max and Patricia!! See you again soon!

I think his Eyepatch looks awesome!! I told him he should keep it on. We had a great laugh!!

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