Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joseph's Story....

I could not do what I do effectively without the support of Give the Word and their provision of Bibles. I have so many things to share with you about how God has been using His Word through my willingness to share it with people. I'll start with this...

I know that God has called me to share the Gospel. I get those small voices, those nudges from the Holy Spirit promting me to approach people. Poeple who need Jesus are everywhere. Their are swarms of people everyday walking to work, shopping, taking a walk.. the opportunties seem endless. Sure, I have my share of those who swear at me, who mock me, who tell me to get lost....but then their are those who take it all in, who ask questions, who receive Jesus into their hearts for the very first time. Wether the end result was positive or negative, I know that I have stood up for Jesus and there is always joy in that.

Calvary Temple has been my home church since I moved here from Africa. They are the ones who started me off with Bibles to give away. They get their Bibles from Give the Word too and Pastor Bruce was more than happy to provide me with some. I would tell him all about what I was doing with them. I wasn't just giving them to anyone with a handout, I would only give Bibles away when I would either have a meaningful conversation with someone, when the person I was talking to showed real interest or when there was a sincere commitment made for Christ. After I went through all the Bibles I was given, I was wondering how I was going to get more. I have a family to feed, I don't make a lot of money and can't afford to go and purchase Bibles all the time. That is when I heard an add on CHVN 95.1fm for Give the Word. It was talking about how they provide free Bibles for people involved in outreach. I thought, could this be real? I called their number and talked to Ryan, the director and told him about my ministry and asked if he would be able to provide me with some Bibles. He said “Sure, come in and tell me more about what you are doing and we'd love to help you out”. I was so happy!! I met Ryan at his office and saw a warehouse full of Bibles. So you just GIVE these all away? I asked. I was in tears, what a blessing to be able to freely give away the greatest gift we have. I walked away with a whole box of Bibles and all I had to do in return was let him know how they were being used. This is amazing!!

Here's just one story of how I've used the Bibles you have given me... 

..It was Sunday morning before church. I was walking along Notre Dame and Sherbrook and saw a few people standing infront of a store that was about to open. I got the nudge, that little voice, the Holy Spirit telling me to go and talk to those people. I listened and walked over to them. I introduced myself and talked to the first person in line...he told me to stop talking, so I respected him and listened. The other two started to swear at me and told me to go away. I started walking away and saw that the store clerk was staring at me. The Holy Spirit told me to walk back and talk to the I did. It was just me and the clerk so I opened up a converation with him. I started telling him about Jesus and he was all ears. He was behind glass and asked me to talk louder so he could hear me better. I knew the Holy Spirit was present and working. We talked for quite awhile and I asked him if he would like to accept Christ. He said YES and we prayed together. He was so happy!! After receiving the best gift ever given, Salvation, I was able to give him the second best gift, The Bible and invited him to come to our church one Sunday. I walked away with tears of joy. What a mightly God we serve!!

I want to thank Give the Word for all they do for me. I have come back for Bibles many times and they are always so happy to give them to me. I can't beleive that a ministry like this is available. Thank you to everyone who provides funding for these Bibles. What a gift to be able to make the Bible so free and accesible for people like me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A shelved Bible finds a pair of hands...

This morning we received a call from a lady who asked if we could send her a Bible asap. She said she is housesitting for someone and found one of our Bibles (Thirst Quenchers NLT) in among one of their book shelves. She couldn't stop reading it and wanted a Bible of her own. She said she loved the extra notes in it that explained christianity so well...she then paused and said...actually I have some friends who need this as well, could you please send me 6 so I can give some away? 
What a great phone know, that Bible on the bookshelf may have been sitting there for a long time, but someone comes along, reads it and the Word comes alive, bares fruit and multiplies.
We will be dropping those Bibles off for her today.

You know it's a God then when....

You walk into a Christian book store....see a stack of 14 copies of the exact Bibles that a ministry is looking for, one that I cannot get through our Give the Word supplier.. tell the store owner about the ministry and he the store owner says..."you can have them...why wait for them to be sold when a ministry needs them now"
These are $40.00 each per Bible and they were given to us for FREE to give to this ministry. JUST INCREDIBLE!!

Opportunity always knocks when you're prepared.

Always keep a Bible with you...and be ready to give it away

Today I got an email from someone who said....Can you please go give a Bible to "Chief" (his nickname). He just got baptized yesterday and needs a Bible. Turns out I was right by the recovery home today where he's staying..I was able to personally give him a Bible...his first. Happy was an understatement.
In that same home, I ran in to my neighbour that I grew up with who is now in recovery at this home....had a long chat about how he's trying to get his life back together physically and spiritually.

Not every opportunity looks like this...but it's amazing what happens when we are prepared. Keep a Bible with won't regret it.

OK, just received an AWESOME story!! Ready?

A long distance trucker I know very well recently gave his Life back to Jesus after living for many years with his back completely turned from fact, he would have considered himself an atheist. 

Life without Jesus started to take a toll on his life. After having many conversations with him and many answered prayers, he gave his life back to Jesus. I challenged him to take a case of Bibles with him on the Road to give away as God provides opportunities. He's been able to share his faith with a number of people at truck stops already...he says its an awesome place to meet people who are lonely, searching and willing to talk.

Yesterday he calls me up and says..I just gave away a whole box of Bibles you gave me. A guy came up to me at a truckstop in Virginia and tried to share his faith with me and gave me a tract. After I told him I was a Christian already, he says " I am at this truckstop all the time telling people about Jesus. I buy these tracts with my own money and was wondering if you could spot me some cash so I can buy more. This guy was awesome...spending his days sharing his testimony with truckers and introducing them to the Gospel. I said, I have something better than cash..I have a whole box of Bibles for people who are searching. I'm going to give you the entire Box.
This guy was unbelievably happy!! He couldn't believe it!!
Give the Word is going to be getting a call from this guy when he needs more....I can't wait to have a conversation with him.

Give the Word reaching truckers in Virginia...who'd of thought!! 

Daycare wants to Give The Word...

Where are Bibles going today? Large daycare centre in Winnipeg

Got a call from a Christian daycare here in Winnipeg yesterday. They expressed that although they advertise as a christian daycare, not much is done in the way of teaching the kids about Jesus. They also have many kids that are coming from unchurched homes. They asked if we would be able to partner with them in making Bibles available for them to give the the kids and their families. They have a HUGE open door to share the Gospel with these kids and they are now wanting to take full advantage of this.
We will be giving them their first case of Bibles today and they could not be happier. This is exciting!!

some of these kids will be hearing the Gospel for the first time. Pray that the Bibles they receive will not only change the course of the children's lives, but the course of their entire families

My Word will not return will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:11

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's actually that easy!!

Dear Give the Word....I still (until recently) had the Bible that you challenged me with to give away. Our water heater broke and so we had a guy come over and fix it. He was down there for about an hour and I worked up the courage to ask about his faith. We ended up talking for about half an hour about what we each believed and I ended up giving him the Bible which he gladly accepted. Who knew it could be so easy!!
Some people get to be the seed planters, some get to be the ones who lead people straight to Jesus. Thanks for the challenge...I'll do it again!