Friday, October 31, 2014

Got a call from a guy who is coaching and mentoring a Hockey team. He heard about Give the Word equipping people to share their faith through word of mouth and decided he would try and reach some people in his life. He wants to lead his boys on the Hockey team to Jesus and also asked if we could provide him outreach Bibles to help him with that. He also asked for some Gospel of John's to give away to all the trick-or-treaters at their house tomorrow.....its so inspiring to see all the people out there who have a burden to see others come to Christ. So glad we can help with that.

Awesome evening in Altona speaking at the Limitless youth worship night. We challenged a gym full of teens to step out and share their faith. Could not believe the excitement that people had to do this!! so awesome!! Looking forward to hearing the stories of how they gave their Bibles away.
One girl came up to me and said....I know now that I need to always be equipped with a Bible to give away. She said I often have chances to share my faith but I never have anything to give them. Just awesome!!
A huge thank you to those who sponsored these Bibles to be given. 144 Bibles were given away last night. The Bibles that were left over went to the Altona Youth for Christ and they will be doing this project with the kids their too!! Love it!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Someone asked me recently... Why does Give The Word provide Bibles for free even to people who CAN afford them? Do you have conditions put on the Bibles you give away? Great questions…

1. We do a lot of speaking to youth groups, churches and individuals on the importance of Sharing your faith and provide the Bibles for them to do it.
Know God….and make Him known!!
We raise funds to provide Bibles so that cost is never an issue when an individual or group wants to share their faith. When you attach a condition to the gift, they have a reason to not Give a Bible away.

2. When working with ministries or churches (camps/prisons/street ministries/youth/…we will always gladly accept donations for the Bibles we provide for them. On the other hand, if cost is a reason for someone or an organization NOT to give Bibles away, we would rather eliminate that cost/donation barrier by providing the Bibles and offering them a tool to maximize their outreach.

3. Yes we have a conditions.
- We chat with every ministry that we provide Bibles for about how the Bibles will be used should we partner with them. We ask when the Bibles will be used, and how many will they be needing. The last thing we want is to give Bibles away and have them sit in a warehouse or for the Bibles to be given to believers who just want to add to their Bible collection. We put so much work into funding these Bibles…it would be unwise to not be careful in these areas.
-We ask every single ministry we connect with to give a story and picture of what happened with the Bibles they received. This is a must. We want to make sure our supporters feel connected to what we are doing and to know that Bibles are truly going out to ministries who need them.

We work very hard to raise the funds needed to buy outreach focused Bibles so that ministries and individual can have free access to the Word of God. We usually have around 5000-10,000 Bibles on hand at at time. As our stock goes down…we are hard at work to make sure we can order another 10-15 thousand to keep up.

Many supporting ministries and churches provide funding for the Bibles they need voluntarily. As relationships are formed and the vision is caught, many churches come on board to help supply funding for Bibles to the ministries who cannot afford them and to the ones who we are just starting out building relationships with.

Give The Word…..It's what we do….It's our SOUL purpose!

Thank you to all our supporters who generously give so that we can do what we do. Thank you to all the ministries out their who are active in getting the Word into peoples hands. Thank you to our amazing God is opening new doors every day!!

Ryan Rempel
Give The Word

Friday, October 24, 2014

Join our support team!! Every $4 gives a Bible away.

Hi Ya'll!! Many of you have been keeping up with our updates that we post on Facebook. God is at work in so many peoples lives and it is an honour and a privilege to be able to supply Bibles to so many ministries who are doing such amazing things!!

We are continuing to grow!! as more ministries hear about Give the Word and are in need of Bibles and as more people are taking up the challenge to share their faith - Our Bible orders are becoming larger. We'd love to have you as a part of our support team.

Would you consider $20/month? This would allow us to give away 5 Bibles every month. Might not sound like much...but if we had 100 people commit to $20/month...this would allow us to Give away an ADDITIONAL 6000 Bibles a year. That's 0.66cents/day. Crazy eh??

We'd love to have you as a part of our Give the Word support team. You can even do this all online.

Click on the Canada Helps link, select Give The Word from the drop down menu....scroll Monthly...type in amount....scroll down..Type GIVE THE WORD in the message box......scroll down and enter info and Credit Card....scroll down.....Complete Donation...Done!

Thank you for your amazing support!! The Word of God does not return void...thanks for being a part of this ministry.

Ryan Rempel
Give the Word

PS..If you would like to Donate by cheque...please make it out to EQUIP CANADA and send to

Give the Word
PO Box 36064
Winnipeg, MB R2K 4J9 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Give the Word & I Am Second getting Bibles into Schools!!!

Give the Word has been partnering with I am Second. One of the goals and missions for Danny Mackay (Canadian ambassador for I am Second) is starting I Am Second groups in our MB public schools. They are training teens to become ambassadors for Christ in their schools and to their friends. Yesterday Danny had over 60 kids in his lunch hour training class at the windsor park school who wanted hands on training on how to share their faith. Give the Word was able to provide every person with an outreach Bible that they are going to use to introduce Jesus to their friends. This program is are finding Jesus and telling their friends. God has been pushed out of the public school system....or has he? God loves these kids and its our job to step out and reach our kids for Christ.
Danny says.....We want to thank Give the Word for providing such an amazing resource to equip these kids with. As kids take up the challenge to share Jesus with their friends, Bibles are and absolute must. To have a ministry like Give the Word on board with us is priceless.

The pictures below were taken yesterday at the Windsor Park public school. 60 teens took up the challenge to start sharing their faith in school. Amazing!!!

It is only through our Donors and through God's open doors that we are able to do this. The need for outreach Bibles is growing... If you would like to come on board with Give the Word in helping us to freely supply Bibles to ministries like this, please visit us at or email us at

Thursday, October 16, 2014

They're IN!!!

They're IN!!!!!
Give the Word took on a Bible project with Fresh IE and We love their heart in reaching our younger generation for Christ and have seen the fruits of their ministry. We took it on to fund and Design (with Tone Cote and Regehrs Regehr's Printing) this Bible to be able to give the the KMF ministry to freely give away to youth who want to know Jesus. This Bible is filled with extra helps for brand new believers as well as Fresh IE's testimony.
Today we were able to give KMF the first 500 Bibles that were printed.
A huge THANK YOU to our donors for making this happen. We also want to say a huge thank you to Tony Cote for his design work as well as Regehr's Printing for everything that they do for Give the Word. You have truly been a huge blessing in getting this project off the ground and well as the many other projects that we have done together!! Love you all!!

Give the Word/Equip Canada
PO Box 35064
Winnipeg, MB R2K 4J9

Monday, October 13, 2014

Customs officer finds Jesus in a Bible...

I traveled to North Carolina this this week for a Give the Word/Equip board meeting and had a layover in Toronto both there and back. As I approached the Canada customs desk the officer asks me where i'm from and what I do for a living. After giving him the info, he asked me some deeper and more specific questions about my time in ministry ....turns out he had received one our of new believers Bibles and had found Jesus through reading it and gave me a huge thank you

 for what we do. Needless to say we both thought it was pretty awesome to meet each other in this unlikely place.

We can only do so much to ensure that Bibles are being given to the right people, but God's Word truly does not return void!! 

Director-Give the Word

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WOW!! This Just happened!! 

Our Give the Word office is in the same office as an Investment Planning Counsel office. A lady came in to talk to one of the advisors here and somehow her faith came up in her meeting. The Advisor told her that there was a Bible ministry in the same office so she got up and came right over to my office. She said...."I want to discover God, I believe in a higher power and angels but I really don't know anything about God. I would love to have a Bible that I could understand and read so I can find out who Jesus is".
We were able to give her a New Believers Bible filled with tons of notes on discovering a relationship with Christ. She was VERY excited and in tears...gave a huge hug and said "This is exactly what I need...I can't wait to start reading"
She's a believer in the making!!!
The cool thing is, is that I wasn't supposed to be in my office this morning but for some reason decided that I should stick I know why!

HOW AWESOME IS THAT??!!! Such a blessing to be able to equip people with the Bible every single day. 

Give the Word...It's our SOUL Purpose!!