Thursday, November 21, 2013

Viola Found Jesus

What a blessing to be able to serve the downtown people with soup, sandwiches, mitts, and most importantly, The Bible. 
Give The Word has been faithfully been supplying us with the Bibles we need to our downtown ministry that we run out of our van every single Sunday. For many, this ministry van is their church. We give out soup, sandwiches and the Bible to many low income and homeless people in the downtown area and have had the opportunity to openly pray and share the Love of Jesus with so many people. Viola came up to the table recently as she had many times before. After receiving a sandwich and some fruit, she asked me If I could give her a ride home when our team was finished giving out the food, Bibles and blankets. I gladly took the opportunity to spend more time with her. Once we got going, she started opening up to me like never before. The conversation turned spiritual in nature and I new I had to open up to her as well. When I turned on to her street, I knew God was telling me to talk to Viola about what Jesus has done for her and asked her if she was willing to let Jesus into her life as her savior. She replied with a resounding YES and sincerely invited Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. It was such an amazing moment for me and even more intense for Viola. She was a new woman. I gave her her very first Bible and she was so excited to start reading. I then thought I would invite Viola to church. She mentioned to me a church that she’s visited a few timea close to her home and I encouraged her to keep going and that she would find many people there that she could connect with. She was so excited!! We then exchanged phone numbers to stay closely in-touch and said good-bye. I was so excited to have a new sister in the Lord and look forward to getting to know her more. 
A big thanks goes out to Give The Word for giving us the Bibles for all these divine appointments. The Bible is a living Word and accomplishes everything that God desires. 

Without these Bibles, our ministry would not be the same.

Debbie - Ambassadors for Christ