Monday, June 24, 2013

Bibles and business mix very well

As Christian business owner, I have always fought with how to put my faith into action at work. I own a restaurant and have the opportunity to talk to thousands of people as they walk in and out of my doors. It wasn’t until Ryan Rempel, director of Give the Word, challenged me to give away Bibles to my customers that everything changed.  He came and met with me one day to give me an update on their ministry and said “why don’t I give you a supply of New Testaments to give away and people can take one home with them if they like”. I fought with the decision to be so bold but decided that this was a perfect opportunity to make a faith statement. The next day Ryan brought me a full case of bibles with a small stand to put them in.  My first thought after putting the bibles out there was concern for my customer base,  that this would make people uncomfortable and that nobody would want to take one home. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I can’t even tell you how many Bibles I have gone through, and when I’m out of stock I just give Ryan a call and he brings me more.
I remember one lady asking if she could please have a Bible of her own. I said absolutely, and she was so thankful. About an hour later, she came back and brought a few more people with her and asked if it was alright if she could take one for each of her friends as well. I don’t think that these people were saved, but I have a feeling they might be now. They were so open to receiving a Bible. I have had many other opportunities to share my faith with people, and it’s all because of the Bibles that are made available.
I want to challenge other business owners to do the same thing. Be bold and don’t worry about what people might think. Not everybody liked Jesus either, in fact He was hated by most, but did that stop Him? Make the Bible available, you’ll be surprised by the opportunities you will have to share your faith.
God is always prepared to give us opportunities to share our faith and these Bibles pave the way for acting on those opportunities.  Thank you to Give the Word for challenging me to give out the most important tool we have in reaching people for Jesus, The Bible.


I am saved!!

My life is a testament to the power of the written Gospel. I grew up rejecting the Lord and going through life with the feeling of having no purpose in this world. I was closed to the Gospel. My life looked normal on the outside, married, two teenage kids, a great job, but I was weighted down with bitterness from my past. I am so thankful for God’s love, mercy and patience. It is because of God’s perfect timing that I am saved today but I also have to give credit to the donors that make these Bibles available to people like me.  Had God not placed that Bible in my hands that day, I would not be thanking God and all the supporters of this ministry for my new life in Jesus.
I recently ended up with a book and had no idea it was a Bible until I brought it home with me. As I opened the book and started reading, I realized that I was reading through the Bible for the first time, but something was happening. It was as if these words were all written for me. Every word jumped out at me and I could not put this Bible down. I read through the entire New Testament within a few days, and then it happened…. I knew that I needed to receive Christ into my life and made the decision to do so. I could instantly feel a change in me, I was a new man. I have since been baptized and am part of an amazing church community.  I want to thank every single person who supports the Bibles that go out from this ministry. I felt a million miles away from God, but it is because of your generosity that a Bible found its way into my hands. I am still a sinner and struggle with all the same things, but I know that I am now forgiven and do my best to live for Jesus.  My name is Tim, and I am saved!!!


We are up and running!

This is our first posting for Give the Word and we are so excited to be sharing our mission and ministry with all of you.
My name is Ryan Rempel, director for Give the Word Project. We are new Scripture outreach ministry out of Winnipeg, Manitoba that has come under the umbrella of Equipping Christian Workers Society in Victoria, BC. We are so excited to be a part of this amazing team and look forward to partnering with ministries, businesses and individuals who are passionate about local outreach.
 Give the Word has one mission in mind which is to spread the Gospel starting in our own backyards. We raise funds to purchase Bibles specifically geared for local outreach and donate them to outreach projects or to individuals who have a desire to give them away as their own personal ministry. As long as we have the funds and resources in place, we would love to partner with your local outreach project.

Starting this ministry from zero was one of the scariest things I have ever done. When we decided to partner with Equip, there was a rush of excitement...but then came the fear. Will we be able to raise enough funds for the Bibles needed and to be able to provide for my family? Will we find a space to work out of that we can afford? Are people going to catch the vision to step up and help? Am I wasting my time?

Let me just tell you that God put all those fears to rest. We have only been in operation for three months and God has already opened the doors. Here is a list of what we have been blessed with so far.

1. An amazing board who is so willing and passionate to help in every way possible
2. A free, brand new office with storage space for 20,000 Bibles that was donated to us rent free. Amazing!!!
3. A trucking company has partnered with us to do all of our cross country Bible order shipments for free
4. A printing company has stepped up to do so much of our print and design work as next to no cost
5. We have received enough funding for over 15,000 Bibles that have now been ordered.
6. 80% of my salary has already been raised.
7. By Equip taking us as a ministry partner, we instantly had charitable status to work under which means we could get to work right away
8. Amazing supporters with such a heart for what we are doing. All of you have become not only supporters but friends as well. Thank you so much for your partnerships and generosity!!

God didn't leave us with much time to worry about how things were going to work. Just goes to show how useless worrying is.

We now have Bibles in our warehouse and we are starting to partner with outreach projects across Winnipeg and Manitoba. We look forward to connecting with you.

Please keep checking our Blog for stories and testimonies. The Bibles that go out often come back with amazing, life changing stories. We want to keep you informed and aware of what is happening with your prayers, finances and willingness to Give the Word.