Saturday, February 21, 2015

A fearless 9 year old sets the example for group of adults!!

Give The Word had a group of adults standing around the table along with one 9 year old girl. They were all standing around listening to me talk about how Give the Word equips ministries for outreach. Once it came time for me to offe...r them the free Bibles, they were all reaching out their hands eager to take one so I gave them each a Bible and said "you're all missionaries in one way or another. This Bible is only free to take if you give it away to someone who needs one". One by one people put the Bible back saying things like "I don't know anyone who needs one, I don't think I could do that, that's your thing, I don't actually need this Bible". The nine year old girl says in front of all these people "Can you give me a few more Bibles? I have a whole bunch of people in my school who don't know who Jesus is and I would like to give these to them" WOW!!!Needless to say, we stocked her up!!
This little girl blew these adults out of the water and I'm know some of them felt the burn as they listened to her response. This defenceless little girl had the guts to face her peers in school with the Bible, subjecting herself to bullying, teasing and all that kind of stuff, but these adults AT A MISSONS/OUTREACH EVENT couldn't find a reason or the courage to give even one away. One of the adults ended up taking back their Bible. It goes to show the state we are in terms of keeping our faith to ourselves. We all say "my faith is THE most important thing in my life", but how many people outside our circle know that. The most important thing in our lives are the things we talk about the most.
We have a duty to make Him known. Approach it like a child, fearless and eager to share what Jesus has done for you, you'll be amazed what happens. Give the Word is here to equip anyone who wants to take that step of sharing their faith. We'll provide you with a Bible designed for this purpose, all you have to do is ask.

 a booth set up at an outreach/missions/evangelism event not too long ago. Our table was stacked with FREE outreach Bibles, so naturally people would walk by asking if they could have one.
Luke 18:16
Then Jesus called for the children and said to the desciples, "let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children""

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A simple call turns out to be instant and direct answer to prayer

This is Awesome, you gotta read this!!
This morning I was flipping through a copy of Christian Week magazine( when an article caught my eye. It was about a newer ministry in Fort St. John, BC...waaaaaay up north. For some reason the thought came to my head "call them, they need Bibles" so, naturally, I called them.
A super nice Lady answered the phone and I asked her about their ministry. She told me that they are a recovery ministry for those dealing with addictions and other major life issues that need healing. She went on to tell me more about the ministry and asked me what I was interested in. I said...something tells me that you need Bibles...Life Recovery Bibles. She burst out laughing and said YES, we were JUST talking about the fact that we have no Bibles when you called and nobody has stepped up to help us out with any..there are no Christian book stores around and we cannot afford to buy these Bibles online with our budget....Why? Can you help us? I went on to tell her about Give the Word and what we do. All I can hear in the background is her quietly saying is "Thank you God....Thank you God....". I told her we'd send her out whatever they need. I told her we'd also send out some outreach Bibles that they can use for giving the the families of the people in recovery as well. They could not believe what they were hearing. For them, this was an Instant and Direct answer to prayer. Someone was calling them to offer them the EXACT Bible that they needed for FREE.
She then went on to say that her husband runs a drop in shelter/ministry in Owen Sound Ontario. She didn't want to be presumptuous, but asked if we ship Bibles to Ontario..I said ya, we ship all over Canada and we'd gladly help you out there too if you have a need. At this point she's just laughing and saying thank you over and over.
Today we ordering and shipping them three cases of Bibles that they need to run their recovery ministry in Northern BC and will be taking further about their Bible needs for their Ontario shelter.
For me this was just a nudge, routine even, a simple phone call. For them this was a miracle and totally put this situation into perspective. Thank you God for orchestrating another answer to prayer and thank you to those who allow Give the Word to keep doing what we do with your support.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Power of Stories and Testimonies....Gotta read this!!!

We got an email from someone yesterday who said...

"I love reading all the stories and testimonies that you post. I have been following your Give the Word Facebook page and have been so inspired by all the stories of lives that have been changed. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a Bible for me and my husband. It has been many many years since I have opened a Bible but we now feel God has been giving us a kick in the butt. This is all going to be very new so we would need a Bible that is very easy to understand.... We have also decided that we would like to find a church that we could attend as well, so the hunt is on. We want to be an example to our kids and raise them in Godly home."

We were able to provide Beginners Bibles for the her family. Her son is a MASSIVE fan of Fresh IE who happens to be a good friend of mine and we are going to try and set up a meet and great with a singed copy of the KMF music ministry Bible that we did for Fresh IE as an outreach project. It is SO exciting to see a family start their faith journey together and its so awesome to know that the stories and testimonies that have come from Give the Word sparked this new journey for them. I'm blown away by God!! Love it!!!

Yesterday was met with some significant challenges, but after receiving this email, those challenges were far from my mind. God is using Give the Word as a conduit to build his Kingdom. I am constantly amazed at the stories that keep coming in. I just want to let you all know that your funds and prayers that you are supplying us with are truly making a huge difference. The Bible is so much more than a book...its a message hope....and people are finding that hope..we're seeing it every day. Thank you so much for your support.

Bibles reaching 20 widows in Northern Manitoba.

A man called us to ask if we could provide 20 outreach Bibles to be placed in 20 food hampers that were being donated to 20 widows in a first nations community up north. The next day we dropped off the Bibles for them...They could not have been more thankful.  Turns out it's Max and Patricia Thunder, first nations evangelists. They invited me into their home for lunch and shared stories of how they are using God's Word to reach people for Christ all over the place. He had a vision and a dream to see a Bible put in every home in Canada and was SO happy to be partnering with Give the Word.
Max shared a very touching story with me...He said God's Word is just as alive in a trash can as it is in someones hands. He said during his travels in Canada, A man he knows who was not a christian at all saw that there was a Bible that was thrown in the trash. He picked it up and brought it home because even though he didn't believe in Jesus, he thought that a Bible don'ts belong in a trash bin. He started to read it when he got home and two weeks later came to the realization that Christ was real and gave his life to Jesus.
Max gave me enough encouragement to last a long time. He made it very clear that Give the Word is needed, VERY needed right here at home.
We will continue to keep supplying Max, his wife Patricia and his family with Bibles so that they can do their part in fulfilling the great commission!!
Thank you Max and Patricia!! See you again soon!

I think his Eyepatch looks awesome!! I told him he should keep it on. We had a great laugh!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joseph's Story....

I could not do what I do effectively without the support of Give the Word and their provision of Bibles. I have so many things to share with you about how God has been using His Word through my willingness to share it with people. I'll start with this...

I know that God has called me to share the Gospel. I get those small voices, those nudges from the Holy Spirit promting me to approach people. Poeple who need Jesus are everywhere. Their are swarms of people everyday walking to work, shopping, taking a walk.. the opportunties seem endless. Sure, I have my share of those who swear at me, who mock me, who tell me to get lost....but then their are those who take it all in, who ask questions, who receive Jesus into their hearts for the very first time. Wether the end result was positive or negative, I know that I have stood up for Jesus and there is always joy in that.

Calvary Temple has been my home church since I moved here from Africa. They are the ones who started me off with Bibles to give away. They get their Bibles from Give the Word too and Pastor Bruce was more than happy to provide me with some. I would tell him all about what I was doing with them. I wasn't just giving them to anyone with a handout, I would only give Bibles away when I would either have a meaningful conversation with someone, when the person I was talking to showed real interest or when there was a sincere commitment made for Christ. After I went through all the Bibles I was given, I was wondering how I was going to get more. I have a family to feed, I don't make a lot of money and can't afford to go and purchase Bibles all the time. That is when I heard an add on CHVN 95.1fm for Give the Word. It was talking about how they provide free Bibles for people involved in outreach. I thought, could this be real? I called their number and talked to Ryan, the director and told him about my ministry and asked if he would be able to provide me with some Bibles. He said “Sure, come in and tell me more about what you are doing and we'd love to help you out”. I was so happy!! I met Ryan at his office and saw a warehouse full of Bibles. So you just GIVE these all away? I asked. I was in tears, what a blessing to be able to freely give away the greatest gift we have. I walked away with a whole box of Bibles and all I had to do in return was let him know how they were being used. This is amazing!!

Here's just one story of how I've used the Bibles you have given me... 

..It was Sunday morning before church. I was walking along Notre Dame and Sherbrook and saw a few people standing infront of a store that was about to open. I got the nudge, that little voice, the Holy Spirit telling me to go and talk to those people. I listened and walked over to them. I introduced myself and talked to the first person in line...he told me to stop talking, so I respected him and listened. The other two started to swear at me and told me to go away. I started walking away and saw that the store clerk was staring at me. The Holy Spirit told me to walk back and talk to the I did. It was just me and the clerk so I opened up a converation with him. I started telling him about Jesus and he was all ears. He was behind glass and asked me to talk louder so he could hear me better. I knew the Holy Spirit was present and working. We talked for quite awhile and I asked him if he would like to accept Christ. He said YES and we prayed together. He was so happy!! After receiving the best gift ever given, Salvation, I was able to give him the second best gift, The Bible and invited him to come to our church one Sunday. I walked away with tears of joy. What a mightly God we serve!!

I want to thank Give the Word for all they do for me. I have come back for Bibles many times and they are always so happy to give them to me. I can't beleive that a ministry like this is available. Thank you to everyone who provides funding for these Bibles. What a gift to be able to make the Bible so free and accesible for people like me.